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If you are looking for comfortable, effective back pain relief in South Jordan, you have come to the right place! Are you suffering from back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, or knee pain? We can help!

At Mountain West Chiropractic we put our patients first. We listen to you and help you heal. Our unique holistic approach is more proactive than traditional care. Come visit to see what we are all about.Centrally Located in South Jordan.

We specialize in the most advanced and proven techniques, including:

Chiropractic is an alternative health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on general health. The main chiropractic treatment technique involves manual therapy, including adjustments of the spine, other joints, and soft tissues; treatment also includes exercises and health and lifestyle counseling. Traditional chiropractic understands that a vertebral subluxation interferes with the body's innate intelligence and nervous system.

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